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We offer a wide range of trainins and further education concerning the complex issues of machine safety and occupational safety and health. With our holistic approach, we try to enhance your technical know-how and further your underdstanding of safe handling and construction of machines and plants. Our trainins are tailored to your needs, all with one goal: Make your workplace and the workplace of your colleagues safer. Furthermore we offer topic related Whitepaper and our own machine safety blog which keeps you up to date, completely free of charge.

Our Trainings

Certified LOTO Expert

You want to become an expert in the Lock Out – Tag Out procedures in just three days? Then this training is all you need. Our certified trainers will help you navigate through the complex LOTO requirements which are issued in 29 CFR 1910.147. After this training, you and your collegues will know how energy from work areas can be safely banned when it is not a matter of normal operation.

During the three-day training on LOTO you will learn which fundamental approaches and authorities have to be met. These are established in the so called LOTO policy, which applies to the whole procedure. Furthermore you will learn, in a practice-oriented way, to identify forms of energy, define switch-off points and create LOTO procedures. This will be analyzed depending on the machines, safety areas and facilities. The introduction of permit procedures, as well as their necessity and type is also part of the training course, as well as effective training methods.

After succesfully passing the exam on the final day of the Inhouse training, you will receive the “Certified LOTO Expert” certificate.

Content of the training:

Module 1: 

  • Legal Basics
  • The company related LOTO policy
  • Safely seperating energies
  • Electrical, hydraulical and pneumatic features
  • Substances, steams, bridges and others

Module 2:

  • The LOTO processes
  • Local circumstances
  • Examination of energy freedom
  • Verification of the process
  • Training – Methods and their effects

Module 3:

  • Risk assessment
  • Methods and procedures
  • Taking appropriate measures
  • Examination of effectiveness
  • User information

Functional Safety Engineer

The three-day training course “Functional Safety Engineer” focuses on the practical implementation of safety goals and acquiring the entire risk assessment process. The event consists of 3 modules in which many examples are worked on.

In contrast to the Certified LOTO Expert, the aim of the further training to become a Functional Safety Engineer is to provide you with sound knowledge in the field of risk assessment in mechanical engineering.

You and your colleagues will learn how to validate functional safety requirements with the Performance Level validation. The focus of this training lies on the standard-compliant safeguarding of machines to avoid personal injury, environmental and material damage.

Similar to our other Inhouse trainings, you have the chance to receive the “Functional Safety Engineer” certificate by succesfully passing the exam on the last day of the training. We are proud to say that this certificate is issued by the QS Zürich AG, a world leading quality certifier from Switzerland.

Content of the training:

Module 1:

  • Location-dependent laws and standards
  • Standards as a Basis
  • Choice of protection (selection of suitable procedures)
  • Supporting standards
  • General requirements
  • Best Practice

Module 2:

  • Fixed and movable guards
  • Design of safety-related parts of control systems (functional safety – SRP / CS)
  • Use of special types of SRP / CS

Module 3:

Both, the Certified LOTO Expert and the Functional Safety Engineer, are available as inhouse courses and as online courses! The inhouse training is for companies that want to train a group of employees at the same time. The the online course is for individual employees who want to continue their education independent of time and place.

Are you interessted in our inhouse training or do you want to join our online courses? Just contact us!

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