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Running machine costs cleaning employee’s life

23, Jul, 2020     0

News that has not only shocked Tyrol: A man is killed in a work-related accident. The reason: the machine on which he was carrying out cleaning work w...

Additional aspects in risk assessment

14, Feb, 2020     0

Not only have we had the hottest years since the weather was recorded, but also an accumulation of violent thunderstorms and rainfalls in the form of...

Cheers to the digital transformation

12, Feb, 2020     0

Digital Transformation, Block Chain, Big Data, Industry 4.0. Once a term has been published, the next one is already appearing. And before you even kn...

Functional Safety

12, Feb, 2020     0

With Industry 4.0, new technologies have also found their way into everyday working life. Humans and machines are working together closer and closer a...

The big picture – Plant documentation

22, Jan, 2020     0

In the EC machine directive they are referred to as “assemblies of machinery”, in the industry they are mostly known as plants. However we may call th...

Christmas time = Reconstruction time

17, Dec, 2019     0

Not all employees these days are able to look forward to a peaceful Christmas holiday and a few days off. When manufacturing stops, maintenance rolls...

The 5 golden rules of safe maintenance

10, Dec, 2019     0

The chapter “Maintenance” is an integral part of operating instructions. In the case of extensive regular work, the machine often even com...

Creating risk assessment across continents

02, Dec, 2019     0

The cloud opens up new opportunities for the compilation of risk assessments, especially for cross-site projects. Through targeted teamwork, processes...

Light curtains: a deceptive feeling of security

26, Nov, 2019     0

They are used in every industrial production plant and most people appreciate them very much. And rightly so. Light curtains and other optical protect...

Evaluating risks – how it’s done!

19, Nov, 2019     0

Many criteria must be met to market a machine in Europe. Rightly, because at the end it’s not just about efficiency, productivity and a positive ROI b...

LOTO on the rise

12, Nov, 2019     0

More and more, mostly internationally operating companies, are implementing the LOTO process, originating from the USA, to secure energy for recurring...

The five most common mistakes when creating risk assessments

05, Nov, 2019     0

In practice, we often look at risk assessments which have plenty of discrepancies. When we compare the documentation with the delivered products, we o...

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