2 Dec 2019

Creating risk assessment across continents

The cloud opens up new opportunities for the compilation of risk assessments, especially for cross-site projects. Through targeted teamwork, processes can be greatly accelerated and working time can be saved during processing.

Brazilian legislation requires a high level of safety for machinery in NR12, the Norma Regulamentar or Regulatory Standard No. 12.  In contrast to Europe, it is not only the manufacturer of the machines but also the operator of plants who is obliged to keep them at a safe level for the users. This applies not only to new plants, but also to plants that have been in operation for years.

Some operators of machines are faced with a task that seems impossible, since the capacities, the means and the know-how to cope with this task are often lacking. The identification of possible hazards poses problems for some operators, especially when a certain “operational blindness” has set in due to habit. This is true not only in Brazil, but also in other parts of the world.

CE-CON Safety Inc. takes on this task with its experts inspecting the machines on site for any danger points and pointing out solutions for safe design. What sounds like a lengthy process in practice becomes a clear and transparent process through the use of the cloud-based software CE-CON Safety developed by CE-CON Safety Inc. While an employee analyzes the system on site, hazardous points and their underlying hazards are immediately documented with the software. By uploading photos and other documentation belonging to the corresponding hazard location, the foundation is laid for perfect teamwork. Hereby the time difference between Brazil and the CE-CON sites in Germany is not disruptive at all. While the sun is rising in Brazil, the colleagues in Germany have already worked diligently on the project and selected protective measures to reduce hazards. These can be discussed and implemented immediately with the customer by the colleague on site.

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Even if the legal requirements in Brazil, the United States, Canada or China are different, the protective measures to be taken are often identical. Whether it is NR12, OSHA or the EU Machinery Directive. The requirements are specified by standards that are often identical. Although this simplifies the problem, it should not be underestimated. Because a good portion of research always belongs to every project. But CE-CON Safety also supports you here.

Since being up-to-date is always important, the software also provides a great deal of information on all aspects of machine safety. The user has access to information on standards and laws, interpretation papers and even training videos.

Let CE-CON Safety Inc. convince you of its holistic approach through consulting, training and software. We are looking forward to exciting projects in the Unites States or anywhere else in the world, where CE-CON Safety will always provide you with full transparency and overview.

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