12 Feb 2020

Cheers to the digital transformation

Digital Transformation, Block Chain, Big Data, Industry 4.0. Once a term has been published, the next one is already appearing. And before you even know what it means, you have to ask yourself new questions.

We are all in the middle of it, we are all affected and challenged. We must participate in technical progress, are invited to join in and help shape it. But those who face new tasks also ask questions. And those who cannot find adequate explanations and answers begin to doubt. Doubts stir up fears and fears block. But in today’s highly complex times, blockades lead to stagnation and this, as we hear, is supposed to mean regression.

Expert of machine safety while doing a risk assessemntWe book our vacations and flights on the Internet, transfer payments online and chat with friends via social media platforms. Can we still even imagine a world without Google and Amazon? Names may change and our data on networks may become more secure. But the benefits of internet, intranet and digital globalization are also a huge opportunity. Those who know how to use it can streamline processes, shorten decision paths and promote cooperation. We at CE-CON Safety Inc. were there from the very beginning and have taken up the challenge. And? The potential is unbelievable.

We are service providers and operate worldwide. By means of customer relationship management (CRM) and document management systems (DMS) we stay up to date and keep our customers up to date. Through greatly simplified communication channels we shorten project times and remain reliable. This pleases us all – colleagues and customers alike. Unplanned downtimes, even longer ones, cause almost no delays. It is impossible to imagine life without software. Without the cloud, it’s not possible. So we use open source products, participate in development and continue to develop. The community is huge and very helpful tools are constantly appearing, which, used in the right places, continue to simplify many things, even replacing others.

A year ago, I had to renew my parking permit in a city in the south of Germany. Forms, ten in all, were printed out, filled in, stamped and signed. The procedure took over half an hour. After payment – actually by EC card – the entire stack of papers was scanned and, you wouldn’t believe it, torn up afterwards. How crazy! I was registered in that city at that time, had my residence there, so all my data would have to have been available in the systems. Such a process today should only take a few minutes or even be possible online. The identity card could have been sent by e-mail. That was an example of a waste of resources like no other.

CE-CON DAlready more than 10 years ago we recognized the potential. I would like to call our company a pioneer in digitalization. We have already received several awards. But what is even nicer is the transparency created in the overall process. Our CE-CON Safety software is a cloud based software. The entire ordering process from the preparation of the offer to the invoicing is digitalised. Receipts are only photographed and uploaded for booking via mobile phone app, business cards are shared with colleagues in the same way. Digitization and the cloud make it possible.

We often hear that software in the cloud is not an option. Absolutely not. There are still many doubters who fear cybercrime and doubt data security. Not all clouds are the same. There is a great deal of ignorance, and there is too much news in the media for that.

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