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Machine safety is not necessarily about making the world simpler, rather safer and clearer. This is why we offer our consulting for machine safety and occupational safety and health as an “all round care-free package”. This is because we create solutions and sustainable concepts that are tailored precisely to you and your needs.

It is up to you whether you opt for a specialist to take care of everything or a partner to take you by the hand and accompany you through these complex topics, providing support along the way.

You decide what’s best for you. With us, your safety becomes a promise!

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LOTO saves lives

The LOTO procedure is a method of securing energy during recurring work. The abbreviation LOTO stands for Lock Out – Tag Out. The LOTO procedure is mandatory in the United States and its implementation is therefore of great relevance for every machine operator.

Human error

Health Safety Environment

The Occupational Health and Safety Division deals with the protection and health of employees. The aim is to avoid any accidents at the workplace. To ensure this, the areas of health protection, occupational safety and environmental management are equally taken into account.

The dangers of residual energy during recurring work on machines and plants should not be underestimated. Particularly affected are groups of people involved in cleaning, maintenance and repair work. It is not sufficient to operate only the main switch of the machine. The danger that emanates from residual energy requires its own protective device. This includes, for example, the venting of pneumatic systems or the correct support system against the depositing of machine parts. Since the possibilities for securing residual energy are versatile and the hazard points must be identified and eliminated individually depending on the machine or system, it is advisable to use trained personnel. With sufficient trained personnel, LOTO procedures can be implemented in your own company and adapted if necessary. The safety of the employees is thus guaranteed at all times in the best possible way and compliance with legal regulations is also ensured.

Safety at the workplace must be guaranteed by the employer. Various precautions can be taken to adequately protect employees. For example, it must be ensured that the work equipment poses no risk. Particularly in companies where work is carried out with large-scale machines, it must be ensured that these do not present any danger.  The implementation of LOTO procedures is one of these measures that can be taken to protect employees.

In addition to the technical avoidance of accidents, prevention also represents an important area of occupational safety and health. It should therefore be just as important for the employer to have trained and aware employees as to provide them with a technologically safe workplace.

We offer:
  • Development of a LOTO procedure tailored to your needs
  • Examination of your machines, plants and manufacturing processes
  • Development of LOTO procedures related to plants
  • Introduction of the process and procedures
  • Training of your employees
We offer:
  • Analysis of machines with regard to safety gaps
  • Assessment of existing risks
  • Verification of compliance with legal requirements
  • Development of proposals for the improvement of security gaps
  • Training of your employees
  • Accompaniment of the process from analysis to implementation
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Risk Assessment

As part of the risk assessment, machines are systematically examined for hazards. The risk assessment is carried out on the basis of the internationally applicable standard ISO 12100:2010.

Functional safety

Functional safety ensures that the protective measures in place or to be installed actually minimize the predominant risk of the function for which they are installed.

Both the manufacturer and the operator of the machines are responsible for assessing and, if necessary, minimizing risks. The manufacturer can avoid potential hazards even during the construction phase, i.e. before completion of the machine. The operator will then have to minimize all remaining hazards during commissioning of the machine. From the operator’s point of view, it is therefore even more important that the machine has already been checked for possible safety issues by the manufacturer prior to commissioning. It is not unusual for international companies to only accept machines that have already been inspected by the manufacturer in order to use their own risk reduction measures as a supplement.

A correctly carried out risk assessment is furthermore important for the operator, since in the event of an accident at the machine the operator is legally protected since all potential hazards have been minimized in advance.

Functional safety affects electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic movements and functions.  For example, a movement should be stopped. As part of a risk assessment, the hazard points are identified and then made as safe as possible by protective devices or other measures. A performance level calculation determines the degree of safety required for such a measure or device. The higher the risk posed by the function, the higher the performance level of the protective measures has to be. In addition, it must be taken into account that the protective functions and protective devices to be installed do not impede daily work. Here, too, occupational safety and health is the top priority, but functionality should not be forgotten in favor of it. There is a risk of manipulation and non-consideration of the safety measures by the employees if the measures hinder or complicate the work.

We offer:
  • legally compliant risk assessment for machine manufacturers and operators.
We offer:
  • Risk assessment
  • Safety concepts
  • Switch-off matrix
  • Performance Level Calculation

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